1-L Bottle Extra Virgin Olive Oil


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Classic glass bottle containing 1 litre of cold-pressed EVO oil

New Olive Oil – 2023

Oil 50% Moraiolo 50% Frantoio – 1-litre bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Discover the properties of true Umbrian Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

This variety of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which is cold pressed in the oil mill of the Montionis, in Montefalco (Umbria – Italy), is composed of 50% Moraiolo olive variety and 50% Frantoio olive variety. The former is tastier and spicier, with a strong taste, whereas the latter is sweeter and lighter, with a fruity taste.
The variety of EVO oil resulting from these two typical olive varieties of central Italy is Extra Virgin Olive Oil that is sweet, but also strong and very versatile.

You can use the Azienda Agricola Montioni’s Olive Oil to season both your fresh and grilled vegetables as well as to soften and enhance the taste of grilled meat and fish.

In the new column of our blog TO THE ORIGINS OF TASTE theAzienda Agricola Montioni reveals something more about Umbrian Extra Virgin Olive Oil..

Learn more by clicking the following link: FRANTOIO OLIVE VARIETY – A WORLD-FAMOUS ITALIAN CERTAINTY! 

Currently the on-line selling is active only in ITALY. For foreign shipments contact us by our contact form.
  • Type: 50% Moraiolo, 50% Frantoio.
  • Vintage: 2023
  • Altitude: 450 meters a.s.l.
  • Harvesting: Starting from mid-October
  • Pressing: The olives are cold pressed within 24-48 hours after harvesting in the Montioni oil mill; in this way, the oil keeps all its nutritional properties, such as polyphenols, intact and unaltered
  • Collection method: Traditional hand-picking or with small facilitators
  • Aroma: Harmonious, elegant fruity scent with an aftertaste of almond and hints of grass
  • Taste: Sweet with light and balanced notes of bitter and spicy
  • Storage method: Between 57-64 °F, away from heat sources
  • Size: 1-litre bottle
Premio Falstaff 92 points
92/100 Austria
Premio Vinous 93 points
93/100 Italia
4/5 Italia
91 points Decanter - silver medal
Decanter World Wine Awards​:
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